The Ash A356.0 Series

The Ash A356.0 Series series earned STACKLAB its second consecutive win in Design by Nature’s annual green design competition. The innovative casting process behind the A356.0 series uses over 90% re-purposed material. Each piece’s base is milled from a diseased ash log. The sawdust from the milling process is reclaimed and compacted around the base to create a mould. Aluminum beer cans (generously donated by Steam Whistle Brewing) are melted and cast into the sawdust mould to form a conic shape. The sawdust mould burns away when it comes into contact with the molten metal leaving irregular, textured impressions on the aluminum cone. Each cone is subsequently polished and fastened to the wood base to form functional and aesthetically arresting stools and tables for indoor or outdoor use.

With the Ash A356.0 series, STACKLAB combines their knowledge of traditional fabrication techniques and experimental research to demonstrate how sustainable design fundamentally enriches process and product.








Made to order out of the STACKLAB studio. Custom details are available upon request.


Award-winning Ash A356.0 Series stools designed by STACKLAB.
Ash A356.0 Series stool designed by STACKLAB: repurposed wood base and cast aluminum seat.
Ash A356.0 Series stool, custom made from reclaimed ash and recycled aluminum.
Detail of Ash A356.0 Series stool seat. Recycled aluminum.

Photography by Sean McBride / Module Media.

Ash A356.0 Series stool sustainable fabrication process.

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