STACKLAB is pleased to be collaborating with Vogel Canada to offer custom upholstered seating. Vogel has been creating fine, handcrafted upholstered chairs in Canada for over 45 years. Vogel chairs combine traditional craftsmanship and company heritage with a modern aesthetic. Customization options include an extensive selection of frames, fabrics, and wood finishes. Each chair is individually constructed by a staff of 40 highly skilled craftspeople at the Vogel facility in Vaughan, Ontario. These artisans work with high-quality components to produce beautifully tailored chairs that stand the test of time, and often become family heirlooms. Vogel has become "the chair of choice for people in the know."


Custom upholstered seating by Vogel Canada, shown in the STACKLAB showroom. 
Neutral upholstered sofa in industrial loft studio space with wood and brick.
Detail shot with upholstery and nail heads.

For information about customization, pricing, or to place an order, please email us at info [at] stacklab.ca.