Founded by Toronto designer Sam Kennedy, Feltro is an interactive construction toy - a modern take on classic building blocks. Made of felt and edged with magnets, each piece connects to the next. Whether you have one piece, or many, Feltro allows you to generate an endless series of 2D and 3D configurations that playfully engage one’s mental and physical dexterity.

You choose what to build.

Designed to intrigue all generations, the versatility of each piece invites lasting open-ended play for children and adults alike. Feltro bridges the worlds of play, design, and abstract creativity by bringing exploration and curious collaboration into any living space. There is no instruction manual for Feltro; it is simple to manipulate and cleverly adapts to its surroundings. With an emphasis on play as a process, Feltro nourishes the imagination and enables discovery.

Build Yours!



Photography provided by Feltro.

For information about customization, pricing, or to place an order, please email us at info [at] stacklab.ca.