LMBRJK is a design and fabrication studio based in Antwerp, Belgium. The studio marries contemporary digital methods of fabrication with analogue hand-based techniques to produce objects of intrigue and function. Jon Kleinhample set up LMBRJK in the spirit of the lumberjack tradition, transforming rough and finished lumber into designed objects and furniture through a process of digital and analogue tooling. Formally trained as an architect in Los Angeles, a city defined by the film industry’s inertia towards visualizing dreams and radical forms, Jon started LMBRJK after designing in New York for Asymptote Architects and in Berlin for Barkow Leibinger Architects. His pedigree, an intertwined mixture of geometric acrobatics and rich appreciation of raw material, is what forms the principles behind LMBRJK.

LMBRJK pushes at material and procedural tolerances in a continuous investigation to find new variations in form. It is through a desire to extract design from the visual splendor of the computer, that LMBRJK finds satisfaction in the hand-made.

In its current exploration of materials, LMBRJK is driven by a desire to distill radical new species from natural and synthetic ecologies, delivering objects born in the concept of digital wood.


Photography provided by LMBRJK.

For information about customization, pricing, or to place an order, please email us at info [at] stacklab.ca.