Molson Anthem Fridge

We worked in close collaboration with RethinkPaus + Grün and Eightlines to create the Molson Anthem Fridge. This project is part of a greater advertising campaign for which Rethink was awarded the 2014 Cannes Cyber Lion, and Best in Show at the 2014 Marketing Awards. Congratulations to Molson, Rethink, and the talented team who brought this project to life.

Click here to see the Anthem Fridge video.

Click here to see behind the scenes footage.


Red Molson "Anthem Fridge" with user singing O Canada.
Molson Anthem Fridge interactive outdoor advertising; designed by STACKLAB.
Detail of red Molson Anthem Fridge: "Sing O Canada to open fridge".
Molson beer interactive advertisement: open fridge.
Interior of Molson Anthem Fridge with wiring.
Detail showing construction of Molson Anthem Fridge. The fridge is easily moved from one location to another.

For more information about this project, please email us at info [at]