PARTISANS is an award winning Toronto-based design syndicate; it emerged in the wake of the financial crisis. PARTISANS is part of a new wave of practices that will redefine the future of architecture, urban planning, industrial and interior design. PARTISANS does work ranging from residential and commercial projects, to furniture, and theoretical concepts for cities. PARTISANS was founded by Alex Josephson and Pooya Baktash.

Tuftit is PARTISANS' take on tufted leather furniture. Their studio has devised and patented a computer language that can transform any material, from wood to foam and marble, into an undulating, completely custom piece of furniture. The forms resemble tufted leather but are more organic and varied. This technique allows PARTISANS to create benches, chairs, and even day beds. 

PARTISANS and STACKLAB are working in partnership to explore new possibilities for this exciting formal language.

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Photography provided by PARTISANS.

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