Molson Slap Shot Fridge

The Slap Shot Fridge is the third instalment in the Molson Beer Fridge series, honouring the great Canadian love for hockey. Participants shoot pucks at a small opening in the face of the fridge. An accurate shot initiates a 100dB air horn and the fridge door opens automatically, rewarding the best hockey snipers with Molson Canadian beer, swag, and tickets to major hockey games. The fridge features a laser triggering system at the perimeter of the target; the housing is composed of carbon fiber and Kevlar, ensuring its durability in the face of the hardest slap shots. Working in close collaboration with Paus + Grün and Eightlines, we helped Rethink bring this campaign to life over a four week period. 

Click here to see the Slap Shot Fridge video.

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