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Design Tips for Home Libraries 

Each week Mansion Global tackles an interior design topic with an elite group of designers from around the world who work on luxury properties. This week we look at how to design a warm and inviting library.

In a world where dog-earing has given way to double clicks, a library at home has a kind of old-world charm. Whether you have the luxury of turning an entire room into a....

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Mansion Global

How to Create a Stylish Man Cave

Each week Mansion Global tackles an interior design topic with an elite group of designers from around the world who work on luxury properties. This week we look at how to create a so-called “man cave.”

The stereotypical image of a man cave is often cause for shudder, especially for the partner who has to live with it. But this den for dudes doesn’t have to be cave-like at all—or have a lazy lounger in sight...

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mcdonald's metamorphoses cup holder into recyclable boombox

mcdonald’s mcflurry turned 22 last week and to celebrate its birthday the fast food company has developed the mcdonald’s boombox. created in collaboration with the university of waterloo’s audio research group and stacklab, this portable speaker is made from the cup holders that once folded, transform into a speaker for any smartphone. the disposable boombox was available at an event in toronto, as surprisingly, the mcflurry was invented in canada.

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McDonald's Just Did Something Brilliant to Its Drink Trays That Can Never Be Undone

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. The problem with innovation is that too many people talk it and claim it. Fewer actually deliver it. I am moved, therefore, by McDonald's, which managed to create something so simple, intelligent, and -- at least to some people -- useful that it can never be undone. Its Canadian arm got together with a couple of brains larger than its own -- from the design and fabrication studio Stacklab and the University of Waterloo -- and turned those recyclable drinks trays into boom boxes.

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Toronto Life

8 must-see locations at Doors Open 2017


6. You might spot the furniture that gets made at StackLab in a store, but it’s not often you get a chance to watch it actually get created. Visitors can get a glimpse into a day in the life at this open-concept luxury design warehouse, where they’ll be able to check out prototypes and works in progress and learn about crafting techniques from the artisans...

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Interior Design Magazine


Jeffrey Forrest's cube tables in cementitious composite and foam by Stacklab through Maison Gerard. Circle 492.

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Paris Pop-Up

A Paris pop-up store designed by Toronto’s Stacklab studio features a merchandise display system made from nothing more than ruffled paper.

Just steps from the Champs-Elysées, a Paris pop-up store featuring products by Canadian clothing brand Alynement opened earlier this month. In place of shelves ....

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Interior Design Magazine

Objets d'art

3. Stacklab + Rebart’s Garrison multiuse stool/table in cast iron with polished detail through Maison Gerard. circle 321

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"Natural Perch"

Garrison by Stacklab and Rebart
The two studios salvaged rebar from an old
bridge and are now casting the metal into
bracket-shaped stools that double as side
tables. From $1,950,, 

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Canadian Interiors

"Best of Canada Awards"

Canadian Interiors' Best of Canada Design Awards is the country's only competition to focus on interior design projects and products without regard to size, budget or location. We welcome submissions from interior designers, architects, interior architects, decorators and craft persons.

Employing the adage "When it rains, it pours," last year was a...

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Bay St. Bull

"Exit Interview: Jeffrey Forrest, Co-founder, STACKLAB"

A work of a designer is influenced by landscape and journey, but true talent is in the method of exploring and communicating ideas to influence a community and market. Jeffrey Forrest, Calgary-born founder and creative force behind STACKLAB, a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Toronto, is a budding Canadian talent. Forrest intuitively combines...

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Restaurant & Bar Product
Design Awards

"15/16 - The Winners"

Twelve products and their designers from across the globe have won awards at the inaugural Restaurant & Bar Product Design Awards.

Judged by a panel of twenty-eight of the most influential hospitality designers in the world, including Glenn Pushelberg (Yabu Pushelberg), Steve La Bouchardiere...

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Canadian Interiors

"Two Toronto firms only Canadian recipients of an ASID 2016 National Award"

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has announced the recipients of its 2016 ASID National Awards. Every year, ASID honours those who advance the interior design profession and, in the process, demonstrate and celebrate the power of design to positively change people’s lives. The National Awards represent the highest level of professional recognition...

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American Society of Interior Designers

"ASID Announces 2016 National Award Recipients"

The Design Innovation award recognizes an individual, institution, manufacturer, or a research team for producing an innovative project or body of work that contributes significantly to advancing the field of interior design.

Partnering firms Stacklab and Rebart...

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The Toronto Star

"Own a piece of The 6"

Fun fact. Lisa Grassa and Jeff Forrest’s 35-pound side table/ stool made with steel from the demolished Garrison Road Bridge can hold up to 900 pounds -- not that you’ll need it to.

The bridge, originally built in the 1850s as a railway track overpass connecting Toronto to Fort York, where the final moments of the Battle of York took place. The salvaged...

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"The Garrison: You Can Now Have a Piece of Toronto's History in Your Living Room"

You can now own an iconic piece of Toronto’s history – and it fits in the tiniest of condos.

And by iconic and historic, I’m referring to Fort York.

As you’ll recall, in 2015, The Garrison Road Bridge at Fort York was demolished as part of the Fort York revitalization project. The bridge had stood at the site for more than 160 years and is a storied part of Toronto’s history...

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The Globe and Mail

"Dual stool-table built with salvaged materials from historic Toronto bridge"

The site of Fort York is among the most historic in Toronto – and all of Canada, for that matter. But when its revitalization called for the demolition of the Garrison Road Bridge – built in the 1960s, with roots dating back 160 years – Lisa Grassa intercepted. “I have always believed in the power of story and its ability to connect you to a certain place or time,” says the founder of Rebart...

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National Post

"Salvaged bridge rebar from Toronto’s historic Fort York upcycled into furniture piece"

The Fort York revitalization has brought much-needed attention to city residents about Toronto’s early military history. After several iterations in its 160-year life, the Garrison Road Bridge, which was once the only access to the site, was demolished last year, yielding an extra acre of land for the fort and creating some interesting recycling projects...

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Canadian Interiors

"Reclaimed steel from demolished bridge cast into limited-edition design object"

A storied part of Toronto history is getting new life with the upcoming release of The Garrison, a contemporary piece of functional art with a fascinating story. Cast using steel reclaimed from Toronto’s historic Garrison Road Bridge, this limited-edition, multi-use object can serve as a stool or a table.

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Elle Decor / 2015

"House Tour: A New York Apartment with Dramatic Flair"

An apartment in a stately Greenwich Village building is transformed into a Parisian fantasy of youthful energy and joie de vivre when Giovanna Randall teams up with a kindred spirit, decorator Fawn Galli...

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Designlines 2015

"How Stacklab Goes Against the Grain"

When we first featured Stacklab in Fall 2012, Jeff Forrest’s fledgling design and fabrication studio was gaining traction for its refined take on salvaged wood furniture. But like many design upstarts, it was surviving on passion. By day, Forrest worked as a project manager on construction gigs with his now business partner, Robert Koblinsky. Through the night, he sketched furniture...

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Block Magazine / 2015

"Creativity Ignited"

Using logs from diseased ash trees, old beer cans and staggering ingenuity, Jeff Forrest and his team at STACKLAB have created a piece of furniture that is as beautiful as it is revolutionary. Here, Forrest offers a behind-the-scenes view of the stool and low table that live in an ecosystem all their own...

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Adweek / 2015

"You drink, we drive"

Drunk-driving messaging is a naturally fruitful creative area for any taxi or car-service company, and Uber has produced a very cool campaign around the topic with this curbside breathalyzer in Toronto.

A sidewalk kiosk—dreamed up by agency Rethink and built by design and fabrication studio STACKLAB — functions as a typical breathalyzer. You blow through a disposable straw for six seconds, and it analyzes the alcohol content in your breath. If you're over the legal limit, it offers you a ride home...

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Globe Life & Arts / 2014

Coveted: STACKLAB's A356.0

The Ash A356.0 Series of stools and side tables, by Toronto's experimental STACKLAB studio, is absurdly cute. The collection looks a bit like giant onions or mushrooms, but stylized, as though each were ripped from a charmingly illustrated children's book...

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Good Beer Folks Blog / 2014

STACKLAB's A356.0 Series

When STACKLAB asked if we could donate some aluminum cans for their sustainable art competition we were happy to oblige. It’s pretty incredible what a bag of beer cans and a diseased log can be transformed into with the right artistic vision.

Read below to see the process involved in creating these works of art...

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Azure / 2014

7 Great Furnishings Made With Recycled Wood

Conceived for the Design by Nature competition, these imaginative and eco-friendly pieces by designers Stacklab, Miles Keller, Scott Barker and others are now on show at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works.

The brief was straightforward. Design by Nature, a Toronto competition now in its third year, invited furniture makers, artisans and artists to come up with a bold new idea for a piece made with salvaged wood – either a functional furnishing for indoor or outdoor use or a sculpture – with a preference for “discarded city wood from last year’s ice storm and architectural salvage made available through Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and Trashswag.” Yet the seven finalists, three of which were chosen as winners, took the simple premise to a wildly imaginative conclusion...

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Why It’s Worth It: Heirloom Quality Table with Cutting-Edge Design

Toronto design and fabrication studio STACKLAB combines top-notch technology with traditional techniques to create timeless, durable pieces that are as elegant as they are well made. And nothing exemplifies the company's approach to heritage furniture better than its signature Wishbone base. Below we follow the creation of the Wishbone, from concept to production...

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Entrepreneur Podcast Network / 2014


Design lead Jeff Forrest discusses the challenges of being an independent business owner in this podcast.


After having been awarded a series of large private furniture commissions, Jeff Forrest co-founded STACKLAB in 2011. His intention in assembling the team stemmed from a desire to see these projects come skilfully and creatively to fruition, and to foster an environment where future opportunities for growth could be embraced...

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Embark / 2014

Rebel With a Cause

Over the last two years, Jeff Forrest has come to be a name you might hear at dinner parties. It could be his humble charm, or that well-groomed head of hair. But, chances are, you’re probably hearing Jeff’s name because Jeff made the very table you’re feasting from. 

The founder of STACKLAB, a multidisciplinary design studio now known for creating conversation-worthy, made-to-order pieces of furniture, has quickly become one of Toronto’s most discussed designers. His Wishbone table, a point of pride in his growing collection of eye-catching pieces, has been garnering much deserved attention, and nothing but the most positive feedback...

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MOVATO / 2014

Toronto Modern Home Tour

Six contemporary Toronto homes will open their doors to the public on June 7 as part of the Modern Home Tour.

This is the second year the Modern Home Tours collective — based in Austin, Texas — will host a tour in Toronto. Organizer Ken Shallcross explains that cities are chosen “based on their reputation for being a hub of modern residential architecture.” 


Tour-goers are encouraged to start the day off at STACKLAB Design Studio (28 Eastern Ave.) for refreshments and light snacks before making their way around the modern city...

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ModTO / 2014

Jeff Forrest Shares his Best Advice

Jeff Forrest leads the team at STACKLAB in creating design with purpose that is also beautiful. Here’s the best advice Jeff received in his creative career.

My mentor encouraged me to take my time growing the business. He said, “Jeff, just take it slow, and make sure you think it’s cool first.”...

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AZURE / 2014

9 Knockout Events At Toronto Design Week

Sixteen local and international designers, employing a wide range of digital techniques, show off the fruits of their design processes: a collection of furniture, jewellery and visual art modelled in CAD and realized with 3-D printing, CNC-routing and laser cutting. Informal artist presentations by the likes of Scott Eunson and Stacklab will demonstrate the rich possibilities in computer-aided design and why it involves so much more than pressing the “start” button...

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ModTO / 2014

Chair 1.5 By STACKLAB

Chair 1.5 is a collaboration between Stacklab and Toronto designer Arash Sadr. The chair is made to order and available in solid teak and Canadian black walnut, with polished nickel-plated steel, antique nickel, or antique brass as options for its legs. The two materials are joined using traditional methods creating a harmonious look between the beautiful contrasting textures. The design is very sleek with clean lines which is quite distinguished compared to the other more expressive pieces in Stacklab’s collection. Chair 1.5 can be customized in other colours...

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Post Homes / 2014

Handmade & heartfelt

As we rekindle our love affair with all things handmade, our appreciation for craftspeople grows. Here are some handy gift ideas for those who respect the subtleties of time, nature, and the artistic process...

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Globe Style Advisor / 2014

Rout Markers

The design team at Partisans developed its own technique to rout out a tufted surface on hard materials such as marble and walnut, then applied it to a series of contemporary benches. Available at Stacklab… 

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Toronto Is Awesome / 2013

Homegrown Business: STACKLAB

I got a chance to chat with Jeff Forest of Stacklab here in Toronto whose company designs and fabricates high quality objects, furniture, installation and interiors for residential and commercial clients. The newest showcase of their work was the opening of Richmond Station, a restaurant and bar located at 1 Richmond Street West. The interior of this new downtown hotspot was designed by Stacklab. Other projects, such as tables, are beautifully designed, some with single sheets of wood and custom legs that bring a unique and stylized look to the creation...

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Toronto Design Offsite Festival / 2013

Sneak Peek: Design By Nature: A Creative Re-Use of Salvaged Materials

Design by Nature is an annual, rotating exhibition of design. It promotes the creative re-imgination of salvaged materials, blurring the lines between sustainability and public art. Chosen by a panel of judges, this exhibition will showcase four winning sculptural installations, which were chosen based on their design creativity and adaptability, using a minimum of 50% recycled materials. 
Design by Nature is pleased to recognize the works of four winners:

STACKLAB’s Cast Composite Cubes: A collection of four concrete composite cubes that have industrial volumes ‘subtracted’ from 3 or more of their 6 surfaces. The pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses: low + high seating, side tables, coffee tables and sculpture...

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Elle Canada / 2013


...Her collections include jewellery, scarves, sunglasses - and even select furniture pieces from the talented (and very charming) Toronto-based designer Jeff Forrest of STACKLAB. “You cannot resist but fall in love with the story of the artists and the pieces they lovingly create,” Fish says. “It is important to me that the artists are always at the forefront of what I do.” ...

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So Shall Work / 2013


The square cut burl table is built by STACKLAB in Toronto and is made from a 2500-4000 year old redwood burl that's certified through the Forest Stewardship Council...

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Torontoist / 2013

Salvaged Materials Make Surprisingly Nice Furniture at Design by Nature

Environmentally friendly art you can sit on sounds a little bit like a Mad Lib, but that’s exactly what was on display at the Evergreen Brick Works on Tuesday night.

Design by Nature is an annual design competition that promotes furniture and public art. Founded in 2011, it challenges local artists and designers to create original works using salvaged materials. This year’s four winning designs, chosen from a field of almost 80, were unveiled on Wednesday. They’ll be on display at the Brick Works until September 21...

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Canadian Architect / 2013

Four winners of Design by Nature competition on show at Evergreen Brick Works

Currently on show at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto are the four winners of the annual sustainable design and public art competition Design by Nature. Artists were given the challenge of creating functional furniture designs, plus other forms of public art made of at least 50% salvaged or recycled materials. The top four submissions were selected by a jury and are now on display for the remainder of the summer.

The winning projects are: Cast Composite Cubes by Jeff Forrest of STACKLAB...

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ModTO / 2013

Design Studio Stacklab’s Wishbone Table And The Story Of Its Creation

Design and build studio STACKLAB explores material and process in making beautifully striking furniture. Led by Jeff Forrest, STACKLAB exercised its design creativity with Wishbone, a table leg that is an expression of the company mandate to marry digital and traditional technologies while making a product the market desires...

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Living For The City / 2013


A little while ago I posted some work from the very talented team at Stacklab, here in Toronto. Well, they’re back it again with this beautiful ‘Wishbone’ table. As with most of their work, I love the marriage of digitally modeled design and traditional fabrication techniques – in this case the sand cast legs (available in raw, unpolished aluminum; polished aluminum; hard anodized aluminum; raw, unpolished bronze; polished bronze and hand rubbed
bronze) and the obviously hand-crafted walnut table-top...

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Sustainability Applied /2012

Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony

BLOOM is very excited to partner with Stacklab on the design and fabrication of the BLOOM Sustainability Leadership Awards. Stacklab is a design and production studio in downtown Toronto, "inspired by the exploration of material and of process". The enthusiasm, intelligence and inspired creativity that Stacklab applies to the design makes these unique and special artifacts...

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Toronto Star / 2012

Richmond Station review: Subway-themed restaurant opened by Top Chef Canada winner

...The Top Chef Canada pay cheque helped the partners secure a 10-year lease with 80 seats, buy new kitchen gear, hire a dozen cooks and sign on Stacklab to design the two-storey space. Heinrich also won the sprawling Caesarstone bar and private chef’s table on the reality show...

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Toronto Life / 2012

Introducing: Richmond Station, the new downtown restaurant from Top Chef Canada champ Carl Heinrich

...The restaurant has a subway theme inside and out, with white subway tiles lining the walls and enlarged black and white prints taken from city archives hanging above them. Jeff Forrest (Stacklab) worked with Heinrich and Donovan to design the 85-seat space, which is divided between a narrow entrance tavern with two-person tables and a long bar table, and an upstairs dining room at the back, with larger tables and banquettes. There’s also a pantry that doubles as a semi-private dining room for parties of eight to 12, and a chef’s table with a view right into the kitchen, where Heinrich plans to serve tasting menus...

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Post City / 2012

First Look: Richmond Station, the highly-anticipated restaurant from Ryan Donovan and Carl Heinrich

...The restaurant was designed by Stacklab’s Jeff Forrest. Downstairs is a casual tavern-inspired space with high ceilings and white subway tile. Black and white photos of the ground-breaking of the TTC in the early ’40s hang on the walls while the bar features a Caesarstone quartz counter (thank you Top Chef Canada), antique schoolhouse lights from the early 1900s and bar stools purchased from Bistro 990. Upstairs, a smaller dining room offers a chef’s rail (kind of like a chef’s table) as well as a pantry room with a larger table for groups of up to 12 people...

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Designlines / 2012


Inside Stacklab’s studio is a giant chalkboard covered in schematic drawings of benches and table legs. In the back where furniture is constructed are table and band saws. And in the middle of it all is Jeff Forrest, Stacklab’s founder. His industrial and interior design studio specializes in custom furnishings – think spacious dining tables and CNC-cut chairs – but all made from city-sourced reclaimed wood. Although there’s a glut of salvaged tree trunks on the market, the studio takes the ubiquitous material and gives it a fresh twist – a desk is jazzed up with a hot pink base, and a dining table is supported by wishbone-shaped cast aluminum legs. Forrest clearly loves his medium; he perks up pointing out a section of red oak oxidized from an old bullet hole and a slab of beech that’s pocked with woodworm scars...

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BlogTO / 2012


Stacklab tries to distinguish itself from Toronto's other reclaimed wood design shops in one important way — and it involves impressive (at least, to me) computer software. "We're not just tables," says founding designer Jeff Forrest. "We want to create specialized objects and spaces."

Nothing exemplifies that mission better than Stacklab's most recent design coup: a custom-made oyster road case made from 2,500 to 4,000-year-old redwood burl for local catering company, Neptuno Oysters. The plan was conceived in collaboration with Studio Kimiis using a computerized script and designed with natural glaciation patterns in mind...

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Living For The City / 2012

Start Choppin'

Last week I ran into my good friend Martha, last I mentioned her she was working at Canadian Salvaged Timber. She’s since moved on to do consulting work and one of her clients is one of her former CST co-workers who has gone on to start STACKLAB; a downtown design and production studio in Toronto – inspired by the exploration of material and of process. She told me about their work and now I’m telling you about it because it’s pretty rad! True story....

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ModTO / 2012

The Oyster Road Case By STACKLAB

For anyone out there looking for a name for their band I’m suggesting Oyster Road Case from Toronto design studio STACKLAB for their beautifully designed oyster platter. Look at this thing, it’s amazing! I could easily see myself throwing away all my plates to permanently eat off this single piece of wood....

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