Uber Interactive Kiosk

"Don't leave it to luck!" Working in collaboration with Paus + Grün and Eightlines, STACKLAB helped Rethink to bring to life Uber Toronto's St Patrick's Day campaign to discourage impaired driving. With an easy, touch-activated command, the interactive kiosk dispenses a new straw to each user; the participant must blow through the straw into the integrated breathalyzer for six seconds to test BAC (blood alcohol content). For partiers who blew over the limit, Uber provided a free ride - keeping the streets safer on a holiday that is associated with a spike in drunk driving.


Uber interactive touchscreen advertising kiosk St Patrick's Day campaign.
Interactive breathalyzer kiosk for St Patrick's Day promotion - easy to follow instructions on touchscreen.

Image 1 & video by Rethink.

For more information about this project, please email us at info [at] stacklab.ca.